Pragmatic Sound is a music label founded in 2011 by musician and producer Evgeny Pakhomov aka Proxymo. 
The project is aimed at promoting young promising musicians working in various styles of electronic music. Pragmatic Sound was launched after long-term and laborious work on the label’s web site.
The whole year was devoted to seeking people able to realize our ideas creatively in digital domain.
The team did not wish it to be just another web-based recording company with small circle of followers. 
Pragmatic Sound brings together talented people who are endlessly in love with music and opens the doors into the boundless world of music. 
New names along with well-known performers and diverse music styles and directions will offer a lot to evoke emotional and intellectual response from the audience which, we believe, is still able to marvel at beauty and quality of musical sound.The label keeps abreast of the times laying emphasis on creation of video content. Indeed, musical perception of modern audience is intimately associated with visual representation.
Nowadays it is often not enough to simply listen to music. Expanding the boundaries of electronic music and making the borders between video and audio transparent, enabling new names to be seen and heard – is what we see as the label’s key strategy.
The label’s team hopes that Pragmatic Sound will eventually turn into a truly global music and entertainment movement on the Internet.