Pragmatic Sound is the only project of its kind.The team of professional creative enthusiasts, who develop unique combination of sound and visual content.
Naturally, as a musical record label we focus on sound, but also we blend two aspects of creative activity such as music and video.
We create content for LED screens, backgrounds, video presentations, visualizations and footages. In modern language - we do motion design.
When working with your material, we bring it together into a unified, solid concept.
We understand that not every artist can afford to make an expensive video clip and can help anyone no matter if you are in New York, London, Paris, Dubai or any other place on Earth.


Give us your material and we turn it in unique product that will be in demand.
Motion design of a highest quality does not only add something to a musical composition, but it creates a new reality that is the main and the strongest source of emotional pleasure for vast majority of people.
Our goal is to create an effective presentation of your musical creativity, and Bringing together our efforts with the help of creative means we receive the ideal picture of your talent.

Pragmatic Sound Crew : ))

The darkest hour is that before the dawn