Synthetic Orchestra

Synthetic Orchestra - the unique project on the Russian Electronic stage. An unusual combination of space sounds of synthesizers, modern dancing rhythms and fantastic lyrics... They combine incongruous: beautiful melodies and aggressive grooves, the cold synthesized timbres and a warm alive vocal, classical musical forms and ultramodern sounding, last achievements in the field of a sound recording and sound produce technology, and vintage analog synthesizers.


Sergey Chekhovskikh - music, words, keyboard, soundproducer

Various Vocalists


2004 - Album "Electronics. It is made in Russia" (the Point of the Sound, Russia)

2005 - Album "Weightlessness" (the Point of the Sound, Russia)

2008 - compilation "Diamond Session. Russian Brilliants. Vol. 2" (Diamond Records, Russia)

2008 - compilation "Russian Dance Tamps. Vol. 4"

2009 - compilation "After Glow" (Bliss Tunes Recordings, USA)

2009 - Album "Theatre of the Shadows" (Inferno People Records; Diamond Records, Russia)


Producer of the projects "July", "TaTu", Sergey Galoyan: "Sound-super!"

DJ Fam (Inferno People Records): "we very much wait for a solo album!"

DJ Alexander Popov (Armada Music): "It is original and it is especial!"

Anatoly Tarkajlo (Karibu-art FM Radio): " Easy club music under which it is possible and to have a rest and dance!"

Letichev Sky - the author and the leader of radio-show "SYNTHETICS": For today Synthetic Orchestra is the best Russian collective working in a genre of vocal electronic dancing music! The future Russian electronic Live - stages - behind them!

Evgeny Kholmsky and Svetlana Olejnik (group H2O (ex-Turbomoda)): "It something especial! "




Moscow, Russia

Rain Drops EP
Synthetic Orchestra
Pragmatic Sound Records  |  07-05-2012