Sergei Repalof always had passion for music, since the early age it took first place in his life. He was sent to music school at the age of 5, learning to play piano. Enormous influence on his work were bands like Depeche Mode, Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze. Since then he employs electronic sounds of his compositions. In 1994, Sergei recorded his first album, which didnt have much sucess, and remains unclaimed. Sergey comments  "I was too young then, and did not listen to profesional opinions of other musicians, and people who gave me good advice, youthful ambition always walked ahead of me."

That same year, an acquaintance with Evgeny Pakhomov opened a new way in his creative development, and established Sergei as a composer and arranger. Some time later, Sergei organizes his studio and writes songs, arrangements for many artists in different styles. "I've always been interested in trying a different direction in music, its over all helpful."

It then creates a project called Bit / Reyd, and works on remixes for different musicians and his own tracks. "For me, this project is linked primarily with self-realization of my creative impulses, this is the music that I like.  I would be very happy if someone else likes it too. There is a lot of people around me who help me implement my ideas. That's exactly how the composition "Quia Respexit" was written. We have created the track "Quia Respexit" with the knowledge of opera music of Amina Shidakova  and her gorgeous vocals on the track. I am very glad that this release has found it's listener and it provides an incentive to create more interesting compositions "




Moscow, Russia


Quia Respexit
Pragmatic Sound Records  |  20-04-2012